Confession: Forgive me

Forgive me, for I am a collection of flaws and I can’t help but hide myself.



The Magic of Magona

“I should have been writing for far longer than 25 years. Why didn’t I start writing earlier on?” asked Dr Sindiwe Magona at the Puku Storytelling Festival where she launched her new book, Chasing the Tails of my Father’s Cattle, “Simply because I didn’t know anyone who looked like me who did such a foolish thing and called it work.”


Cue: Editions 10-12

Statues, puppets, markets, dressing in drag and Malema’s antics – I will miss these marvellous adventures and interviews, the interesting illustrations and the amazing art. (more…)

Cue: Editions 1-3

I spent the first twelve days of July working for Cue, a newspaper that runs for the duration of the National Arts festival in Grahmstown. It was twelve days on nonstop adventuring, interviewing, illustrating and writing, and it was unimaginable fun.