south africa

Drawing the Line: The Lion King’s Kleptocracy

Is Self-Enrichment Rock propped up by Parliament, or crushing the people’s power?



Finding and Defining the New Black Middle Class

“I noticed various narratives in the media, [including] the exoticisation of the black

middle class,” said Professor Roger Southall of the University of Witwatersrand at the

launch of his book, ‘The New Black Middle Class in South Africa’. “It’s almost as if

the black middle class were located in game parks and were being spotted for their

odd characteristics.”


The Magic of Magona

“I should have been writing for far longer than 25 years. Why didn’t I start writing earlier on?” asked Dr Sindiwe Magona at the Puku Storytelling Festival where she launched her new book, Chasing the Tails of my Father’s Cattle, “Simply because I didn’t know anyone who looked like me who did such a foolish thing and called it work.”


Mlangeni: a life spent fighting for freedom

Andrew Mlangeni is ninety years old, his eyes carry ghosts, his hands wear wrinkles and scars, and he is one of the two surviving members from the Rivonia Trial group of men imprisoned in 1964. Last week he spoke up against corruption and the prevailing apartheid prejudices in a presentation at Rhodes University. (more…)