Powerfilled Bodies

[Trigger Warning: Rape]

This is a poem for the powerfilled bodies that stood on Prince Alfred street today.

These are the facts of a powerful and perverse system.

This is a reality; this is just a beginning.

It is part of Herstory.


Students, signs and songs are rising

Yesterday marked a significant victory for students at Rhodes University. MIP fees were dropped, and the terms of International student fees were renegotiated.

Today, mass demonstrations in Grahamstown continued, Rhodes campus went into complete shutdown-mode and barricades were guarded by groups of students.

Activists gathered in front of the Humanities department on Prince Alfred road and sang songs of freedom while they held up signs that searched for solutions, or pointed to the problems that plague our society and threaten our future.


The hope of art: a public artwork at Rhodes University

My heart, life and land

My heart, life and land

This world constantly breaks my heart, and so I need to make art. It allows me to hope.

I open myself to the heartache in this place. I let it flood my heart and fill my mind until my thoughts are exhausted and I am battered, broken, cracked.

That is when I make art. That is when I remember the beauty of humanity.


Can this feeling be shared? Can art be used to give other people hope? Can art help other people exist?


Gallery and Review: The heart of portraiture

Portraits, paint and passion were exhibited at the second year Fine Art students’ exhibition, ‘Portrait of an Artist’. My full review of the exhibition can be found on Artbeat, but here you can find a gallery of some of the most eye catching artworks.