Confession: Forgive me

Forgive me, for I am a collection of flaws and I can’t help but hide myself.



The Magic of Magona

“I should have been writing for far longer than 25 years. Why didn’t I start writing earlier on?” asked Dr Sindiwe Magona at the Puku Storytelling Festival where she launched her new book, Chasing the Tails of my Father’s Cattle, “Simply because I didn’t know anyone who looked like me who did such a foolish thing and called it work.”


Thompson’s Kentucky is journalism at its drunkest

Hunter S. Thompson‘s article, ‘The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved,’ launched his career as a Gonzo journalist and provided a spectacular caricature of a prestigious tradition.

But it is not an article about horse racing.

It’s about surviving crowds of drunkards, corruption and chaos.

More than that, it’s about being at the centre of that very crowd, while clinging to some paper and any mark-making instrument. (more…)

The South African Art World according to Riason Naidoo

“I took a bit of an usual route,” says Riason Naidoo, who was appointed as the first black director of the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town in 2009. “I’m trained as an artist – as a painter, but I’ve done a few different things in the art world after graduating.”


The wild life of Veranda Panda’s Liam Magner

Liam Magner sits in the corner of the smoking section; he’s dressed in all black and wears a monkey’s face around his middle finger. Later this evening, he will stand on stage, wrapped in flashing lights and pulsing beats as students stomp, stumble, bounce and dance at the Intervarsity Afterparty at Rhodes University. But before he takes to the stage as Veranda Panda, we meet at Champs Action bar to talk about pandas, mix tapes and his time in this town. (more…)