Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line: Use Power Wisely

Power cuts can be a good thing – but who has the power to do this?



Drawing the Line: The Lion King’s Kleptocracy

Is Self-Enrichment Rock propped up by Parliament, or crushing the people’s power?


Drawing the Line: Conflict Comics

Stories are always about conflict.

Comics are also stories, but while they generally involve conflict, these comics are specifically about the stories in conflict scenarios.

They’re about invincible ammunition, the key to peaceful parties, the problem in Pondoland, the duty of humans and the reality of peace.


Drawing the Line: Satire Soldiers

Zapiro. the satire soldier

Zapiro. the satire soldier

Political cartoonists wield their pens as weapons against injustices.

With daring lines, simple shapes and sharp words, they twist concepts and current affairs into humorous comments on the state of humanity. In the face of censorship, corruption and oppression, cartoonists stand as satirical soldiers, armed with weapons of wit, ink and imagination.

They draw the line on what is black, white and meant to be read.