Finding and Defining the New Black Middle Class

“I noticed various narratives in the media, [including] the exoticisation of the black

middle class,” said Professor Roger Southall of the University of Witwatersrand at the

launch of his book, ‘The New Black Middle Class in South Africa’. “It’s almost as if

the black middle class were located in game parks and were being spotted for their

odd characteristics.”



Cue: Editions 4-6

Art reviews, op-ed illustrations and presentations on graffiti and poetry – these three editions were crammed with interesting experiences and etiquette. (more…)

Cue: Editions 1-3

I spent the first twelve days of July working for Cue, a newspaper that runs for the duration of the National Arts festival in Grahmstown. It was twelve days on nonstop adventuring, interviewing, illustrating and writing, and it was unimaginable fun.