Am I Afrikan?

My passport is green. The glorious green of aloe leaves or trees in late summer.

My skin is freckled. Flickered with flecks of moments spent under this sun.

My heart breaks. A hurting history means I watch flowers grow from stained mud and feel petals fall on graves. (more…)


Drawing the Line: Free the Fees

To break free from a hurting history,

To have freedom and not free-dumb,

To become an empowered people,

A blade must fall on the fees.


The hope of art: a public artwork at Rhodes University

My heart, life and land

My heart, life and land

This world constantly breaks my heart, and so I need to make art. It allows me to hope.

I open myself to the heartache in this place. I let it flood my heart and fill my mind until my thoughts are exhausted and I am battered, broken, cracked.

That is when I make art. That is when I remember the beauty of humanity.


Can this feeling be shared? Can art be used to give other people hope? Can art help other people exist?


A Quilt of Cultural Revival

Cultures develop and die, stories are passed through languages and time, and it seems that only the stars survive. For thousands of years and over generations, people have looked to the night sky and tried to understand the curtain of stars and the glowing moon. Countless creation myths and stories have been born of this curiosity. They have come to represent the ideas of cultures long since extinct, such as the |Xam-speaking San people. (more…)

xeNOphobia march

The xeNOphobia march on 24 April in Grahamstown began outside the Rhodes University Administration building, where people gathered to protest against the violence being inflicted on foreigners in South Africa. (more…)