Travels and Adventures

These bones are my only home, and I am addicted to adventures. So every once and awhile, I sneak a glance at this wide world and steal singular moments under the spectacular sky.

Where have the wild things gone?

Me oh my but it’s been a wild path!

Somewhere between words and the world, and a perpetually curious heart, life has unravelled and the wind carried me in so many different directions. It’s been the most beautiful adventure and it’s only just beginning – but it calls me to abandon some darlings.

So this is my blog’s swan song; that final breath before the end.

The exhibition can now be found and followed on Facebook (for more journalism and traveling tales), as well as on my Fine Art website (a bouquet of canvases and stained surfaces) … so pop across and let’s go on another adventure.







Am I Afrikan?

My passport is green. The glorious green of aloe leaves or trees in late summer.

My skin is freckled. Flickered with flecks of moments spent under this sun.

My heart breaks. A hurting history means I watch flowers grow from stained mud and feel petals fall on graves. (more…)

Finding Faffy around Europe

Katherine (Faffy) is a beautiful blessing and an incredible big sister. She is caring, gracious and kind. On our adventure around Europe, she was my guardian angel and north star – ensuring I survived and bringing brightness to life.

These photos remember how we flew, marched, searched, swam, drank and laughed our way through that happy holiday in June/July last year.


Pretoria: streets, skies and speeding lives

Last week I adventured to Pretoria to do an illustrating internship, and I was blown away by the beauty of Pretoria’s skies, streets and speeding lights. From every window, the world looked like a canvas of colour and life. So I tried to find the stories in the series of scenes and capture the colour with a camera. (more…)