Travels and Adventures

These bones are my only home, and I am addicted to adventures. So every once and awhile, I sneak a glance at this wide world and steal singular moments under the spectacular sky.

Finding Faffy around Europe

Katherine (Faffy) is a beautiful blessing and an incredible big sister. She is caring, gracious and kind. On our adventure around Europe, she was my guardian angel and north star – ensuring I survived and bringing brightness to life.

These photos remember how we flew, marched, searched, swam, drank and laughed our way through that happy holiday in June/July last year.


Pretoria: streets, skies and speeding lives

Last week I adventured to Pretoria to do an illustrating internship, and I was blown away by the beauty of Pretoria’s skies, streets and speeding lights. From every window, the world looked like a canvas of colour and life. So I tried to find the stories in the series of scenes and capture the colour with a camera. (more…)

Euroga ’15: Yoga around Europe

What wonderful memories and breathtaking moments!
In June last year, I went on a Contiki tour with my older sister, Katherine (Faf). We had the most magical time wandering the streets, boardwalks and alleys of Europe. It was a spectacular adventure from start to finish, and every minute was magnificent.

Before leaving for this grand adventure, my dad gave us a challenge: to do a yoga pose in every country we visited. So I did, and Faf was a phenomenal and dedicated photographer.