If photographs are paintings with light, I want to capture what is most beautiful and bright

Fees, freedom and the fallen

Our history hurts, and without education, freedom is dumb because people are trapped by the crimes of time. Although the blade has fallen on fees, how do we account for the suffering and desperation of our communities?


Rising students and Joza’s community in crisis

The students are rising so that fees will fall. At the same time, the Joza community crippled by xenophobic crimes and widespsread looting, which wash the streets in chaos and shards of glass.  (more…)

Marching for our future

Education is key to the liberation of our nation.

And so we march for a future of educated leaders, active citizens and a sense of community which transcends a history that still hurts.

And so we march against the crimes of past times, and towards a future that is as bright as the youth who are fighting for their rights.

And so we march – for our brothers, sisters, neighbours and lovers; teachers, friends and future leaders. We march for all. (more…)

Students, signs and songs are rising

Yesterday marked a significant victory for students at Rhodes University. MIP fees were dropped, and the terms of International student fees were renegotiated.

Today, mass demonstrations in Grahamstown continued, Rhodes campus went into complete shutdown-mode and barricades were guarded by groups of students.

Activists gathered in front of the Humanities department on Prince Alfred road and sang songs of freedom while they held up signs that searched for solutions, or pointed to the problems that plague our society and threaten our future.