Author: Sarah Rose de Villiers

My first self-portrait was a yellow flower in a wonky vase.  That was a lifetime ago. But as flower needs to blossom and colour is forever, so have I continued to paint and search for the soul of things. While I graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University and specialised in writing, philosophy and literature, I live by a love for art. Painting, drawing, sketching, sometimes sculpting and often weaving flower crowns - I breathe for creativity and learn along the way. It's been a wild path of wandering; moments remembered on canvas and stories beyond words. ​​ ​  

Where have the wild things gone?

Me oh my but it’s been a wild path!

Somewhere between words and the world, and a perpetually curious heart, life has unravelled and the wind carried me in so many different directions. It’s been the most beautiful adventure and it’s only just beginning – but it calls me to abandon some darlings.

So this is my blog’s swan song; that final breath before the end.

The exhibition can now be found and followed on Facebook (for more journalism and traveling tales), as well as on my Fine Art website (a bouquet of canvases and stained surfaces) … so pop across and let’s go on another adventure.







Powerfilled Bodies

[Trigger Warning: Rape]

This is a poem for the powerfilled bodies that stood on Prince Alfred street today.

These are the facts of a powerful and perverse system.

This is a reality; this is just a beginning.

It is part of Herstory.

Finding and Defining the New Black Middle Class

“I noticed various narratives in the media, [including] the exoticisation of the black

middle class,” said Professor Roger Southall of the University of Witwatersrand at the

launch of his book, ‘The New Black Middle Class in South Africa’. “It’s almost as if

the black middle class were located in game parks and were being spotted for their

odd characteristics.”