IMG_4571My first self-portrait was a drawing of two flowers in a yellow vase.

Until I was nine years old, I believed my freckles were fairy dust.
I will watch one hundred documentaries before I can endure a single rom-com.
My favorite thing about rainy days is puddle-hopping (and my worst thing is the wet socks that inevitably accompany this activity).
I have a book in which I write down every book that I read.
I carry the world in my heart, and I’m learning to share my heart with the world.
(Also, I never know what to say in these “About” sections)

I suppose I should say that I’m a fourth year Journalism, English and Philosophy student at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.
ARTicles are my thing – I study journalism and live for art. I’d like to illustrate, write and create something worthy of this wonderful world. IMG_4503I’m interested in writing, drawing, poetry, painting, photography, creating, sky-watching and all the beautiful things.
I love an adventure, I’m painfully shy and I now know that my freckles aren’t fairy dust.

Where have I left a trail of glitter?

I love making ARTicles heart beats for Artbeat, but I stumble and I tumble, and I drop some dreams in a jar.




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