Seven ‘Tonights’


  1. SevenTonights_1Tonight the sky reminds me of the sea. The stars looks like grains of sand remembering the scattering of light and land. The clouds look like mother-of-pearl; blurred whites and grey rainbows. The moon looks like a celestial pearl; alone in the sea-sky.



  1. Tonight the moon is half a yellow eye. It seeps through the window and spills on the floor. A sickly shade that creeps and crawls. The night watches; unblinking but alive.



  1. SevenTonights_3Tonight the clouds are collecting sins. They hang in the pale sky; stained, still and smelling of broken silences –



  1. SevenTonights_4.jpgTonight a blanket has been wrapped around the earth. The heavens fall through small holes and land on lovers’ lips. This is a moment without words or time; feeling infinite and forgotten.



  1. SevenTonights_5Tonight a warrior is chasing constellations across an endless nation. The clouds claim territories without terror. The stars tell stories that neither start nor end. The moon faces all directions and space falls in between.



  1. SevenTonights_6Tonight the world is curled under a blanket of rain and wrapped in a winter wind. Duvets of clouds cover the earth and soaked sheets snap in a storm.



  1. SevenTonights_7Tonight the world rests, waiting to see the sun once again.




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