An Astronomical Anniversary

If you’ve seen Google’s delightful doodle, you know that today is the 605th anniversary of Prague’s astronomical clock.

To celebrate this beautiful day, here is an appreciation post for the magnificent measurer of time, stars and suns.

Fun facts:

The clock was built made by Mikulas of Kadan in 1410, most probably with the help of Jan Sindel, an astronomer and Charles University professor.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Death, Vanity and the twelve apostles are among some of the characters that adorn in the clock.

The calendar dial is the newest part of the clock, and its surrounded by the zodiac signs, every day of the year and pictures depicting every month.

The astronomical dial depicts the Medieval view of the universe, with Earth in the centre, surrounded by the sky and determined by the movements of the sun and the moon, which decorate the two clock hands.

There are three circles on the astronomical dial, representing Old Czech Time, Central European Time and Babylonian Time. Also, a little star in the zodiac ring tells the sidereal time.

Chime on time:

I tried to film the spectacular scene of the clock calling the hour, and it looked something like this:

If you’d like to sneak into the heart of the clock, Google street view affords a mediated adventure that counts as something special.

Particularly Personal:



  1. Marvelous – I hope I can see the clock – planning a trip to Prague next year. I still miss the town hall clock from when I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts – it only struck the hours, but I lived only a block away and so I could always hear it when I was at home.


    1. Prague is beyond beautiful and adventures are promised down every cobbled path – I hope your time there is just magical.
      There’s a Cathedral outside my bedroom window and I can’t describe how much I love the sound of its bells on a Sunday. When I move apartments, I’m sure I will miss its enchanting chimes as much as you miss your town hall clock.

      Liked by 1 person

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