A Living Star

Before these words,

Before your breath,

Before rain fell to the earth,

There were stars.

Extravagant, magnificent stars

That danced through skies

Like jeweled dragonflies near and far.

They visited every galaxy;

The envy of all the gods.

They wrapped the dark in ribbons of light

And poured from creation’s heart.

Oh, but if you could have seen,

The grace with which they fell in love

With every inch of space;

How they blessed the suns;

And dressed the sky in specks of purest white.

You are made of those very stars.

Each and every atom of you

Was once a jewel in the sky.

You are radiant.

You are rare.

Those stars that made you

Still shine through you

And you must always know:

You are the queen of an ancient sky,

The teardrop in an angel’s eye,

And yet, you forget to see this perfect truth.

You stand in shadows and your light is lost.

Stardust cannot cast spells in dead air.

Stars need fire,

Freedom is the fiercest flame

And you are the galaxy.


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