Throwback Thursday: High School Art

Life seemed simple in high school.

But I never appreciated how blessed I was to take Visual Art as a subject. I miss being told to draw for five hours straight, or research a particular artist or the ideologies behind any given movement. I dream of having the chance to fill pages, canvases and walls with colours, ideas and imagined worlds.

Back then, for the briefest moment, art was allowed to be everything. It was wonderful.

It was also messy and frightfully flawed – but even flowers grow from mud and buried seeds.

So what did I do high school?

Grade 10 and 11 artworks

Weekly Sketches 

We used to do weekly sketches based on themes, techniques or particular objects. I’ve lost, reworked or given away most of them – but here are a few not-quite-forgotten sketches.

That time I flirted with a photography course

I started a photography course in which we were given themes and assignments to go out photograph. I don’t remember handing anything in, but I certainly had fun photographing.

Oh, and I used to do murals

I went through a phase when I painted murals for kids – I remember doing cupboards, desks, a classroom and a hospital room.


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