My last day on earth

If it was my last day on earth,

I’d wear bells in my hair,

And billowing silk skirts.

I’d tie white ribbons to the trees I love,

And frame street signs with flowers.

I’d write poems in library books

And dust glitter on my path.

I’d laugh with open skies,

Dance with empty shadows,

And paint clouds on concrete walls.

I might light a candle,

I may leave a note,


When dusk leaks over the hills,

And stars start to stain the sky,

I will find the highest cliff.

Breathing all the world into my lungs

And igniting every cell;

Curling my toes,

And stretching

my fingers to touch

The north star and the south sea,

I will let the earth

Draw itself back to me,

On my last day

On earth.


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