Month: August 2015

An Unusual Interview about Art4Art with Charles MacKenzie

“What is Art4Art?” Charles MacKenzie asks himself in a most Unusual Interview about Art4Art.



Word on the street

Graffiti decorates sidewalls, alleys and postboxes in Grahamstown. The walls are dressed in words, concrete is splashed with sentiments and the streets are talking – to us? To each other? To no one in particular?

Is this a conversation, a statement, a question, or are we eavesdropping?

What is the word on the street?

The wild life of Veranda Panda’s Liam Magner

Liam Magner sits in the corner of the smoking section; he’s dressed in all black and wears a monkey’s face around his middle finger. Later this evening, he will stand on stage, wrapped in flashing lights and pulsing beats as students stomp, stumble, bounce and dance at the Intervarsity Afterparty at Rhodes University. But before he takes to the stage as Veranda Panda, we meet at Champs Action bar to talk about pandas, mix tapes and his time in this town. (more…)


‘Black Pain’ is painted on a grey wall.
Red paint drips from a monument.
Soweto 76 is remembered on a municipal electricity box.
What else are the streets saying?

Thank God Freethinking Isn't Contagios


See it, read it, think about it here: #MyGraffitiIsPolitical