Cue: Editions 10-12

Statues, puppets, markets, dressing in drag and Malema’s antics – I will miss these marvellous adventures and interviews, the interesting illustrations and the amazing art.

Edition 10:

Profile: Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon is so down-to-earth, he’s half buried. Love and light are hugely important to him; his spirit animal is a bird – “given the shape of [his] nose”; and his element is “Fire. Earth, and fire”. But this article isn’t about that – it’s about bigger issues and more personal reflections.

Chris Chameleon

Review: Greg Schultz, Flux

Another artist who follows light and embodies an element is Greg Flux. He stopped me as I walked past his gallery and promised to give me a tour of the exhibition. The following afternoon he gave a wonderful tour of his water-works – that is, he paints water as blue and brilliant as his eyes.

Greg Schultz. Flux

Edition 11:

4 Markets, 5 Artists

At every market I found an artist. They were all incredible individuals, surrounded by beautiful works and inspired by their personal worlds. I only wish I could have spent more time with each talent.

Market Artists

Guangdong Puppet Art Theatre

It was a mesmerizing show and for the briefest of moments, I felt like I was back in China. Also, I won a hand puppet that smelt exactly like my tshirt from China – an authentically ambiguous scent that can be neither identified, nor ignored.

Malema comic and EFF culture

This was an old comic, originally published on Artbeat, but reused for an article about EFF culture (or lack thereof).

Malema Comic

Speculative Monuments Illustrations

Sean suggested we do a piece that related cultural contributions to current affairs, specifically the debates about the place of statues and national characters in today’s context. It was a wonderful way to finish a phenomenal twelve days of adventuring, interviewing, illustrating and writing.


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