Cue: Editions 7-9

Pastries, plays, mimes and mining cartoons – three more editions of exploring, questioning and creating. 

Edition 7:

Adventure and Illustration: Mandala

Once again, I had an excuse to go on an adventure, and this one was spiritually enriching. It ended with Michelle saying, “This means that you can never be in a job where you’re doing the same thing everyday. You need constant variety and change, otherwise you will kill your spirit.”


Weird and Wonderful Things: Treasure Hunt

This was a delightful adventure and illustration session, and fun in every sense of the word.

Weird and Wonderful

Edition 8:

Adventure and Illustration: Pastry Review

I had pitched to go to Ewok’s performance, but while I was watching the mime at the Village Green, Nick called to say that Nigel was tackling that event. When I returned to the office, Nick asked if I could source 5 different pastries for an article where he reviewed the treats, and I illustrated the sweets. Life couldn’t possibly be better. Even without trying the moon nuts and space chocolates discovered behind a Jamaican flag.

Q&A/Review: Richard Antrobus, Suggestion Box #JustSaying

The most incredible and interesting interview, interaction and review that I could ever live through. He didn’t speak a singe word to me, and everyone was asking questions.

Richard Antrobus, Suggestion Box #JustSaying

Illustration: Mining Cartoon

Megan needed an illustration for an article about the mining corporations that have been claiming the land that belonged to its inhabitants’ ancestors.

Edition 9:

Q&A Play and Illustration: Diane Wilson and Roy Sargaent

I had far too much fun with this article. I attended Diane and Roy’s presentation/performance, Word Play in Shakespeare, and they were kind enough to do a ten-minute interview afterwards. He’s a director, she’s an actress and they love Shakespeare – especially his plays. So I wrote the article as a play, and illustrated character sketches of the two interviewees/characters.


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