A drawing a day for a week

I love to draw. I especially love drawing for special people.

So, for seven days, I devoted myself to completing a drawing for someone dear every day for a week. And now, I share that with you.


Beautiful Three, SR de Villiers 20 June 2015

My godfather is unimaginably generous with his wisdom, time and love, and I’ve wanted to do a drawing for him for ages. Finally, I found the time and the perfect picture, and now I can give this to him.


A woman in the Forbidden City, SR de Villiers 21 June 2015

I am blessed with the most beautiful grandparents, but I can never find the words to thank them for all that they do for me. So I try to put it on paper with pen and paint. For the story of her face, click here.


Tasting Travel, SR de Villiers 22 June 2015

My bestie has gone overseas for her holiday, and I hope that her travels are truly terrific and as wonderful as this world. The poem in the map-napkin (which folds open to reveal a knife and fork that are decorated in clocks) reads:

Travel. Quickly, Go see the world before you make up your mind about it and so that while you have time to change it.


The Sun Spirit, SR de Villiers 23 June 2015

The spectacular soul who inspired and received this portrait is sunshine in my life – she’s also the only reason I survived this semester !


The Dancers, SR de Villiers 24 June 2015

This was very much an experimental piece – I was trying out new drawing techniques and styles. After finishing the drawing of the morning dancers, I carried it with me for awhile, not quite knowing who I had drawn it for. Turns out, it was destined for my great-aunt and uncle who I saw for dinner a few days later.


The face of Xi’an, SR de Villiers 25 June 2015

I have spent the last two months trying to find the perfect face to draw for a truly phenomenal woman. On my adventures, I met this incredible man who looked at my camera’s lens while he buried himself in my heart. His face was as beautiful as the soul I sketched this for.


Africa I am African, SR de Villiers 27 June 2015

I didn’t draw this for somebody, I didn’t draw it nobody and I didn’t draw it for myself.

Firstly, I hardly drew it. For the most part, it’s a collage that I then worked into with pen and paint.

Also, I didn’t plan it. At all. I sat down with a pile of old pictures and just played around. This was the result.

When I look at it, I see my African identity – my roots are buried in this land but my leaves want to stretch to the sky.

We live in a wild world, where borders are invented and blood stains the soil and the sea – but my heart will always be the shape of the land that has shaped me.

Bonus drawing: I drew this cartoon for some truly dear humans, so the humour is just for them.



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