Month: July 2015

Fifty Shades of Piercing and Pain

By Sarah Rose de Villiers

Some grotesque entertainment went down, and up, at Champs Action Bar last Friday. Needles were threaded through pale flesh, a Marine dangled from the roof and volunteers had their asses whipped by a woman in a black corset.

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The retired fish professor’s adventure in the Okavango

The spirit of adventure does not fade with age, as 66-year-old retired ichthyologist Prof Paul Skelton can testify.

Earlier this year, Skelton spent a month in the uncharted wilderness with explorers, scientists and filmmakers on The Okavango Wilderness Project, an expedition funded by National Geographic and the Wild Bird Trust. On Monday morning Skelton recounted his experience, challenges and treasured revelations in a presentation at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. He story began with a wooden boat and ended with a porcelain bowl – and has all the ingredients of a grand adventure.

Follow this link for his illustrated story. (more…)

Finding the he(art) of China

China cannot be captured with words or described in a single sentence; it would be impossible to trap the enchantment of its many treasures.
In the cities, relics of distant dynasties are filled with new life as bright lights and unidentifiable smells dance amongst the ancient architecture. In alleys and small stores, amongst the trinkets and tourist attractions, the innermost heart of China is revealed in its art. Found in the cities, sites and villages, sometimes surrounded by crowds and sometimes in a silent world, artists translate traditions and talent into beauty that transcends all barriers. (more…)

Shortstraw Sketches

On my last day working for Cue, I happened to receive a media ticket for Shortstraw’s show. The show was electric with energy, the theatre was flooded with music and the band was beautiful – especially their faces. They were a gorgeous combination of dramatic lights, and richly contrasted characteristics. I thought it would fun to draw them. So after the concert, they kindly paused for photos that I could use to do illustrations. (more…)

Cue: Editions 10-12

Statues, puppets, markets, dressing in drag and Malema’s antics – I will miss these marvellous adventures and interviews, the interesting illustrations and the amazing art. (more…)