Month: June 2015

Faces of China: In and Around Xi’an

The faces in and around Xi’an were ancient and unblemished, lined and light, curious and carved.



Faces of China: Morning in Xi’an

Mornings are an exciting time in Xi’an – all the world can happen while the day is still waking. I learned this lesson, and I was so rewarded because the mornings were as memorable as the faces were beautiful. (more…)

Faces of China: The Muslim Quarter, Xi’an

In Xi’an, the Muslim Quarter buzzes with colours, faces, stories and foods. Neither words nor photographs can do the experience justice, and the many phenomenal memories are difficult to distil – and yet I try.


Faces of China: Beijing

It is a wonder that the world can contain so many characters, cultures, colours and life. Every country, city, town and place is made up of a spectacular spectrum of faces and feelings that seem impossible to capture or describe. Beijing, it seems, is no different from any place in this regard… (more…)