A Fairy

Deep in a dark and groaning wood

There is a fairy with a gold-rimm’d hood.

Her hair is frosted with beads of white,

Her eyes are filled with Summer’s light.

Her laugh is two thousand dancing bells.

Of dust pink rose she always smells.

In a freckled mushroom she has her home,

Amongst the flowers she does roam.

But if she heard the slightest sound,

(Fearing that she may be found)

She frights and hides or flies away,

Before you’d think a fairy was this way.

But, if you walk without a noise,

You may find a fairy’s joys.

If you hear the laugh of a mouse,

Or catch a glimpse of her speckled house,

If you find her wearing daisy chains

Or collecting dew and summer rains,

– If you do a fairy see,

Pray, return, please tell me.


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