Malema Arrived at Rhodes

When Rhodes University campus started buzzing with debates about a name change earlier this year, the EFF jumped on the bandwagon and wiggled into the conversation. Campus was buzzing with red uniforms and brightly coloured pamphlets in anticipation for Julius Malema’s public lecture on Thursday, 30 April.

But an overwhelming response by the public meant many people were denied entrance to the Barrett building where Malema gave two identical and bold presentations. To give an idea of the attendance, mayhem and madness around the event, here’s a little photo story to accompany the comic.

It was a ‘Bad luck Brian’ moment. My cellphone died before his presentation ended.

However, I was still able to slip out the venue (before the lecture venue’s doors were locked) and watch Malema leave. Again, the doors of the building were locked as soon as he passed through the door. A horde of frantic students – some who had been able to leave the building and others who had been waiting outside – swarmed around him to get selfies, signatures and comments. He made his way down the path and climbed back into the silver Mercedes, beforing disappearing into the horizon.



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