Month: May 2015

Rafe’: dancer, dreamer and bae material

Rafe’ Green must have magic in his feet. What else could explain the beauty in his twists, turns and delicate leaps?
A second year humanities student at Rhodes University and one of the six dancers involved in The Gathering Project, Rafe’ seems to live for dancing. But why exactly does he love dancing, whose music moves him, and what is his spirit animal? (more…)


The Dissident Poet

To the Dissident Poet, on his 86th birthday, and based on the opening poem in his first collection, Cry Rage

he said

that to be fearful

is to be fear filled

and the fear filled poet

will censor himself

and mute the cries

of pain and rage


Gallery and Review: The heart of portraiture

Portraits, paint and passion were exhibited at the second year Fine Art students’ exhibition, ‘Portrait of an Artist’. My full review of the exhibition can be found on Artbeat, but here you can find a gallery of some of the most eye catching artworks.


A Family Hike

Outdoor Activity: Family hike (although Dad will probably run the entire route twice).

Weather Conditions: Absolutely perfect with a slight chance of spectacular.

Place: Robberg Peninsula, Plettenberg Bay. The same hike that we do as a family every holiday – 9km of gorgeous scenery and a pretty path.

Time: Right now! Everybody is already waiting in the car – let’s go! Where are your shoes? And a hat? Hurry up… (more…)