xeNOphobia march

The xeNOphobia march on 24 April in Grahamstown began outside the Rhodes University Administration building, where people gathered to protest against the violence being inflicted on foreigners in South Africa. Reported victims of the attacks were people who had sought refuge in the Rainbow Nation because life in their home countries was unbearable. But instead of being welcomed into a country that values diversity, democracy and opportunity, these fellow humans have suffered at the hands of unjustifiable and unforgivable violence.

In response, students, staff members and citizens of Grahamstown rallied together to publicly protest against the atrocities. The march was characterised by a culture of singing, colours and community – and I could not have been prouder of the people who marched for peace.

Mthabisi Sithole, a student of Rhodes University, speaks about the culture of singing that characterises South African protests.

Drawing the Line: xenophobia, SR de Villiers

Drawing the Line: xeNOphobia

This piece originally appeared in Grocotts, 24 April 2015.12. Xenophobia feature



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